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Services to help youth achieve better outcomes, including graduating from high school college and career ready.

Youth age 14 to 16 who are SSI (Social Security Supplemental Security Income) recipients are eligible to participate in this program. Wisconsin Promise will help youth and their families meet their school and work goals in order to better their income and financial stability, reducing poverty.

Enrollment is limited and ends April 30, 2016.


What can families and youth participants expect from Wisconsin Promise?
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What do you want to be? This is your opportunity to explore your potential based on your interests, talents, and choices. Making your job and career dreams a reality starts here.

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Not sure what you want to do? No problem. Try a job or career you are interested in exploring. We can help you!

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Alt Text Learn about how work impacts your benefits situation. Discover ways to maximize and manage your money and build a more financially secure future.

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Alt Text What training or education will help you achieve the job you desire? Promise can help you access the training and education to succeed.

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Alt Text Promise can connect you to community resources to best meet your goals and aspirations. Learn about what careers are growing, what employers are seeking, and how to make connections today that will help you thrive in the future.

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Enrollment Update

The goal of Wisconsin Promise is to enroll 2000 participants by 2016. Check back to find out how we are doing and watch the number of participants grow!

Actual enrollment

Program Usual services Total % of target achieved
775 779 1554 78%

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