Transition and Employment: Facebook Learning Community

If you are attending our “Transition and Employment” training for families for Wisconsin Promise, we invite you to keep the conversation going.

Let’s continue our conversation and learning about how to support your child for life after high school in our confidential Facebook Learning Community.

  • Meet with other family members to talk and to learn from each other.
  • Discuss strategies to help all of our children reach their potential.
  • Celebrate the successes and share in the struggles.

Face-to-face or Online

• You can meet with others online using our private Facebook group.
• You can also arrange with other group members to meet in person as well.

Complete the form below if you are interested in participating in the private Facebook Group

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Please contact Shannon Huff at 608-712-2212, Barb Katz at 608-220-9598, Delores Sallis at 414-208-9410 or Molly Cooney at 608-266-0266.