Action Creates Change

three teens with title, Action creates change
“I like not knowing how things will turn out!” Said no one, ever.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like change. And, sometimes I would rather be a little bit unhappy with my life, and at least know what to expect, than to change things and not know what’s going to happen next. However, things change whether we want them to or not. The trick is to take action to have things change and move into a direction that is positive for you.

Your Actions Can Shape Change

If you truly want your life to change for the better, you have to take risks and use the supports and resources available to you. Believe that your actions can change your future – for the better. Wisconsin Promise can be a resource to help you with changing your life.

Promise Supports Youth and their Families

Wisconsin Promise is designed to give youth, and their families, the ongoing supports and resources needed to change lives for the better. We support participants to:

  • Explore

    Explore learning and career goals and connect to opportunities

  • Understand

    Understand Social Security benefits and use work incentives to achieve learning and job goals

  • Learn

    Learn to manage money and reach financial goals

  • Improve

    Improve quality of life by reducing stress and increasing health

Change in Action

Promise has already helped change the lives of many youth in Wisconsin.

Craig, an aftrican american teen participating in Wisconsin Promise.

Take Craig, a Milwaukee youth who enrolled in Promise and now is set to graduate from high school, works part-time at Walgreens, and is on his way to a plumbing career.

Xavi, a teen with health issues participating in Wisconsin Promise.

Or Xavi, a Green Bay youth with significant health challenges who’s forging ahead to achieve her learning and career goals.

Jackie, a teen, with her supervisor working at the Wisconsin State Fair.

Or any of the other Wisconsin Promise youth and families who are on the path to reach their personal learning and job goals.

You + Promise = Change for the Better

Change isn’t easy. You have to take action and be willing to take steps to change. Wisconsin Promise can provide youth and their families the supports they need to take action and change their lives for the better.

Contact Your Promise Counselor

Contact your Promise Counselor today to learn what actions you can take, and how Promise will support you to take action to create change.