Discovering Ourselves

We make discoveries about ourselves throughout our lives…

This is true during different periods of our lives, like college for example. We are constantly learning new things about ourselves. This is especially true when you are given more responsibility as a college student. Up until this point other people, our parents, grandparents, or other caretakers have been the ones guiding us. College is all about learning how we can guide ourselves.

Discovering How I Learn and How to Manage My Challenges

For example, I have discovered many new things about how I learn and what challenges me since I have had to take on more responsibility. Executive functioning especially has proven to be one of these challenges. Before college I had multiple people telling me where I needed to be and what homework I should’ve been working on and what time things needed to get done. In college the only person doing this for me was me. Here is where at first I hit a roadblock.

What is “easy” for some people may not be easy for me.”

I realized that I had no idea how to begin doing this. It was especially challenging given my history of time management and organization in relation to my executive functioning disorder. These are things that come easy to some people. This very thought however was part of the roadblock. What is “easy” for some people may not be easy for me. That doesn’t mean I should compare myself to them, after all it’s also true that some things that are easy for me are very hard for other people.

Tools to Help

Nevertheless, I have had to figure out what tools best help me succeed. I am still figuring out what these are. I know this is going to be a process. The first step I took was asking for help in figuring out what these tools are. I started using a calendar to keep track of my time and when I had to do what needed to be done. I have also found keeping a list of things I have to do very helpful. Electronics have also proven useful. Apps like “One Big Thing” and “Forest” help me keep track and stay on track.

There are days that none of these things help me and I end up crawling into bed and watching Netflix instead of facing my problems. This is okay too as long as I keep going.”

We will forever be discovering new challenges. This is good. I have discovered that executive functioning is a big challenge for me. If I recognize this discovery and work on it someday it won’t be as big of a challenge.

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