Job Interview Tips: Is the Job and Company a Good Fit for You?

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During a job interview, how would you answer the interviewer: “Do you have any questions for me?”

In an interview this question usually comes toward the end – after the potential employer has asked you about your experience and skills. This question is intended to find out if you would be a good fit with the company.

At this point you may be talked out and ready for the interview to be over. However, this question is an opportunity for you to learn if the potential employer is a good fit for you.

Ask Open-Ended Questions

Do the employer’s goals and expectations match up with what you want in a job? Will you be happy in this job?

Asking open-ended questions – ones that are not easily answered by a yes or no – is a great way to open up a conversation and learn more about the person you’re talking with.

Have you watched Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show? Jimmy uses open-ended questions to get an in-depth understanding of how a celebrity thinks.

Examples of open-ended questions you could use in an interview are

What is the most important quality you’re looking for in an employee?

What do you enjoy most
about working here?

What are some challenges that will face the person you hire?

Learning if an employer is a good fit for you is as important as learning if you’re a good fit for the employer. Using open-ended questions in your job interview can help you get a job that’s a good fit with your skills, abilities, and long-term goals.

Sally Scheidegger

Sally has 25 years of experience in education and employment. She enjoys working as a trainer in the Skills to Pay the Bills area and in the Individual Placement and Support (IPS) supported employment model

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