Promise Financial Coaches

Are you working with one of the Wisconsin Promise Financial Coaches? You can find their contact information below.

The Wisconsin Promise Financial Coaches can help you develop skills and knowledge to plan for your financial well-being. Get practical information to improve your quality of life and money matters. More about Financial Counseling.

Name Position Office Phone Mobile Phone E‐mail
Amber Miller Director of Promise Financial Capability 414-263-5450 262-960-0997
Vanessa Sanchez-Lopez Promise Match Account Coordinator 414-395-4565
Adrian Klenz 715-456-4907
Adriana Ramirez 414-791-0614
Amy Peterson 262-221-7200
Annette Bass 414-322-2631
Barbara Boustead 608-515-4083
Cheri Wilson 715-889-3713
Cori Saldana 262-770-9156
Kimberly Bruss 414-690-6650
Kristin Matson 262-880-1310
Loula Roberson 414-429-0927
Natasha Gray 414-534-6558
Nick Hanford 920-203-2188
Tracy Smith 608-358-9725
Vicky Holley 414-688-8234