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Future belongs to those who believe in their dreams
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Transition from School Planning Tools

Wisconsin Promise planning tools for helping teens with disabilities plan for the future.

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Developing a Positive Personal Profile

A Positive Personal Profile (PPP) is a way to “take inventory” of all the attributes of youth that will be relevant to their job search, employability, job match, retention and long-range career development. It is a mechanism for collecting information from a variety of sources, including assessments, observations, interviews, and discussions with the job seekers - and people who know them well.

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Pathways RTC | Achieve My Plan: Youth Engagement in Treatment Planning

Achieve My Plan (AMP): A Randomized Field-Test of Youth Engagement in Mental Health Treatment Planning For young people aged 11.5-18 with serious mental health conditions, a comprehensive, team-based approach is increasingly seen as the preferred mechanism for creating and monitoring treatment plans.

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Research-Based Practices

Lesson plan to teach mastery of social studies content using a graphic organizer. Example is for lesson on the U.S. Constitution.

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In April 2013, the Let's Get to Work project sites hosted a 3 part series for parents and educators. The presentations from this series were recorded and edited to create this series of learning modules. With each video session you will find downloadable workbook materials, additional resources, and a question and answer document from the questions submitted to presenters during the original training.