Promise Youth Participants and Families

Enrollment in Wisconsin Promise is now open. As individuals enroll, we will provide information for youth participants and families on this page.

Enrollment or Participation Questions

If you have questions about the enrollment process or have general questions about Promsie, you can contact Erin Johnson, Promise Intake Attendant, by email or by toll-free phone at 1-855.480.5618.  Erin will connect you with someone in your area who will explain the study and help you fill out the forms.

What’s New

  1. Meet our Community Connectors – individuals in your area who can answer your questions about Promise!
  2. Training opportunities are available through Promise…check them out!
  3. Find out more about Wisconsin Promise services…
  4. Enrollment is now open! Get enrollment forms and more information.
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Upcoming Events

Wisconsin Promise may be coming to a location near you! Check out our event calendars:

  • Community Events > You can find out more about Wisconsin Promise at these events!
  • Wisconsin Promise Events > Attend one of our Wisconsin Promise events.
  • (coming soon!) Wisconsin Promise Training Events – for Promise participants only

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