Perseverance Pays Off

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This youth and family first signed up for Wisconsin Promise in August of 2015. The Promise Counselor attempted to connect with the youth/family every 30 days, and then in October of 2016 the Mom mentioned she was concerned the youth was not attending school often enough.

Career Talks Lead to Job Shadowing Opportunities

The Promise Counselor connected the youth and family to a Wisconsin Promise Family Advocate. The Counselor and Family Advocate met with the family in the family’s home where they talked about both the youth’s and the youth’s sister’s Individual Education Plans. Before leaving home, the Promise youth agreed to meet with a job developer to begin job shadow services, and his sister decided she wanted to receive Promise services.

Counselor and Youth Plan for the Future

The Counselor made a referral for job development services and mailed a consent form for the Mom to include the sister in Promise services. Mom gave permission for the Wisconsin Promise Counselor and job developer to meet with the youth alone at school for the initial job development meeting. At the meeting the youth seemed engaged and open, and even invited them to stay at school with him past the meeting time! He was candid about his strengths and limitations and had many ideas about his future employment goals. He agreed to meet with the job developer again after the holidays.

Future Opportunities

This is certainly an instance in which perseverance paid off. If not for Wisconsin Promise, this youth and family would have been closed as unsuccessful, and it’s possible the Counselor would not have had the opportunity to even speak with the youth prior to case closure. Because of the family advocacy services available through Promise, the Counselor and Family Advocate were able to meet at the youth’s home, which resulted in building a relationship with the family. Without the home visit, this youth and family may not have moved ahead with Wisconsin Promise.

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