Spanish-Speaking Family Experiences Life Changes


A Spanish-speaking family has received life-changing services from Promise. The youth has significant disabilities, including a very rare skin condition that causes extremely painful open sores all over his body. His Promise Counselor helped this family receive home care services through the Community Living Alliance in their community. His sister is now providing home care to him, paid through Medicaid. This is wonderful because the family desperately needed the help at home to relieve the burden on his Mom. His sister is now making some money on the side, and the youth is getting the help he desperately needed!

Promise was also able to provide this youth with a folding electronic wheel chair, which Medicaid had previously denied. His former electric chair did not fit in the family car, so if he went somewhere with his family he needed to use a manual wheelchair that needed to be pushed for him. He can now operate his own chair, and has increased independence. This youth also participated in Promise’s “Skills to Pay the Bills” training, and loved it!

The Promise Counselor is also helping the sister apply for college, and is helping the Mom with resources to become a citizen. Promise is also providing interpreters so the entire family can understand the people they talk with and services they receive.

Wisconsin Promise is working for this family…


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