Hard-Working Youth is Asked to Work More Hours

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A Promise Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) Counselor had connected a youth with a job placement agency through which he was able to experience a temporary work experience at a car wash. After his temporary experience, the car wash hired him to work part-time 8 to 10 hours a week. There were relevant safety/vulnerability concerns for this youth while working at the car wash.

Promise Counselor Steps In to Help

His Promise Counselor worked with the employer and youth to put job supports in place and is partnering with his IRIS consultant to provide supported employment services. His Promise Counselor will continue to partner with him and his IRIS consultant to discuss transitioning services to long-term support services.

His Promise Counselor also advocated for him to have even more work experiences. The job placement agency worked with him to get another temporary work experience, this time at an assisted living facility working as a transporter, activities assistant, and cleaner. His employer reported that the senior citizens loved him and he was a joy to have as an employee.

Counselor Attends IEP Meeting

Recently, this youth’s Promise Counselor attended his Individualized Education Plan (IEP) meeting at his high school where he is enrolled in the 18 to 21-year-old program. While there, she heard tons of comments about how pleasant this youth is, and also some concerns that he was getting frustrated by his peers’ inappropriate behaviors.

His team brainstormed that it would be helpful if he was involved in more general education classes to better target his goal of inclusion. Now he has a plan to attend a social studies class with peers in his age group and to increase participation in general education classes after the team observes him in this setting.

Youth Works with Benefits

This youth’s Promise Counselor also arranged for his mother to receive benefit analysis services to help her understand how work impacts her son’s benefits. His mother met with a benefits specialist when her son first enrolled in Promise, but then worried at the thought of losing valuable benefits when her son was working more hours during the summer months.

This prompted their Promise Counselor to arrange another meeting with a Promise benefits specialist, who reviewed the entire case to assure the family that the son could work and continue to receive necessary benefits. Through Wisconsin Promise, this parent was able to gain a better understanding of how her son’s employment would affect his benefits, and be more involved in his school experiences.

Wisconsin Promise is working for this youth and family!

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