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Family and Building Better Relationships

Acting as the caregiver to a child can bring much joy to your life, and also, a tremendous amount of responsibility. Researchers are now telling us that the single most important factor that leads to future achievement is the relationship the child has with their parents.

Provide Encouragement

Providing support to your child gives confidence to dream big, try new things, and step outside of their comfort zone. The foundation for accomplishing goals is found in many ways. Providing an abundance of encouragement by praising effort, offering guidance through practical assistance and feedback, are some of the simple actions that can be taken each day to lay the groundwork for anyone to have the support they need.

Act as a Role Model

Further, never underestimate the value of living in a way that allows you to act as a role model for your child. Working hard, performing with grace under pressure, or confronting difficult issues head on, one cannot forget how we behave in our day-to-day interactions is incredibly impactful as well. So it seems there is more to providing support than the reassurance and cheer that may first come to mind.

Give a Lasting Gift

While the “musts” and “do’s” feel like they never stop coming your way when raising your child, comfort can hopefully be found in the fact that you have the power. Your influence, guidance, and persistence are continuously at work, molding the person that will one day be a full contributor to society. The support you give now is ultimately your lasting gift to the world.

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